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Controlled aquarius men are a bit controlling protective. Im a scorpio woman with an aquarius man by.

Why Scorpio And Aquarius Are Attracted To Each Other Pairedlife

She will try to survive on the partial attention he gives but in the long run she will end up emotionally abused and starved for attention from her man.

Aquarius man scorpio woman. Aquarius man and scorpio woman relationship is a combination of the air sign and the water sign which may work wonders or cretae hurdles in the relationship between the aquarius and scorpio depending on how they manage themselves. Aquarius man scorpio woman. It is possible for an aquarius man and a scorpio woman to have the blissful soulmate balance everyone dreams about but caution is advised.

Scorpio man aquarius woman. These challenges will come from the tendency of a scorpio man to become possessive of a partner and to insist on rather conventional gender roles. An aquarius man and a scorpio woman will be able to work surprisingly well together.

Anonymous im a scorpio woman with an aquarius man we ve been friends for 3 years and now decided to have a relationship. Marriage and family life despite the compatibility and deep attraction between a scorpio man and an aquarius woman there will be some challenges to their marriage. The main struggle to compatibility is that the needs of aquarius men and scorpio women tend to clash in the areas they value most.

This is a complex relationship but it s a challenge for both of them and both of them love a challenge. She will like his open personality he will be intrigued by the mystery she s surrounded by. Both of these signs are fixed signs and usually signs of the same mode have trouble when they try to work together.

This is a relationship that requires a lot of effort. As a scorpio we hate to be. Mutual fascination the aquarius man and the scorpio woman are drawn together not so much by what their partner can offer.

I m a scorpio woman who has been with a aquarius man for a year and 3 months but i met him about 7 years ago i can relate to all thats being said my aquarious is such a hard nut to crack mean while i am the emotional one who always need an explanation on where we stand he never even asked me out i had to figure out we were together his non chaulant ways are so high its taking so much. We are head over hills for one another but we do clash a lot in certain. Because the elements are not combining well being of the same astral quality causes friction and disharmony rather than commonality of purpose.

The aquarius man scorpio woman relationship comes with many challenges and difficulties because scorpios are too private passionate and possessive while aquarians like to socialize and be free. Scorpio woman aquarius man our scorpio woman and aquarius man compatibility rating is 4. For the aquarius man and scorpio woman compatibility is an edgy business.

Scorpio woman and aquarius man is great in the bedroom but emotionally aquarius man cannot give scorpio woman the full attention she craves and needs in order to exist and function as a mate.