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Would you help a friend if they really need it. Do you get in fights with your friends.

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Try to talk about things they are interested in.

Are you a good friend quiz. Created by muriel lollipops. This quiz contains 10 quickfire questions and 10 situational questions that you ll really have to think about. Did you ever spread rumors about your friends.

Take this quiz to find out. But a good friend isn t just there for celebrations. Do you have a best friend.

Do you know if your friends trust you. But your friend just winged it and got an a. Check you have a bff locket or some kind of trinket to signify how much they mean to you.

Sign up log in. When your friend gets dumped you offer to murder that person and you re half serious. Feel happy for her and hope to do better on your next test.

Find out if you re being the best friend that you can be. Do your friends say you are a good friend. Have you ever wondered if you are a good friend.

On nov 5 2015. Take this quiz to find out. Have you ever done something horrible to your friends.

Are you both putting in equal effort. You go and tell you friend who is being mean to stop it and if they don t you tell an adult and hang out with the smaller kid. Of course there are different kinds of good friends.

You either need to find a new friend or try to make your relationship better. Are you a good friend. They re there when your dog dies when you re fighting with your partner or just feeling melancholy.

Are you nice to your friends. Home stories quizzes create profile settings. You re not the best friend possible.

How do you react. The kid in science class asks you out he is a geeky weird and smart to smart person. Share quiz.

Are you a good friend. This quiz will ask you a series of questions regarding your friendships with others throughout the years and more specifically what has been happening in the present to get a better idea of whether or not you re a good friend. As you take this quiz remember to be honest with yourself.

You ve been studying all week for a test and still got an f. If you don t know if you can trust them make up a secret tell them and then see if they tell people. You ll never be able to find out if you re a real friend if you pick the answers you think that will get you a good answer.

More questions will appear as you go along. Work your way to a good relationship. Having a good friend around heightens the pleasure of holidays and regular days.

Your friends decide to gossip about your best friend.