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He ll be easily attracted to these 3 star signs virgo taurus and scorpio. Virgo is the most compatible with capricorn taurus cancer and pisces.

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There s slight change when the virgo enters the marital life as he s mature now and has different standards in picking partner.

Best love sign for virgo. A married virgo man. Virgo has little in common with either aquarius or leo. These signs understand virgo and can give this sign balance and stability.

Sagittarius virgos like a realistic partner who can commit and sagittarius is neither huge on the realism nor the commitment sorry centaurs but you know you love to roam. Love horoscope for virgo. These girls all share the same trait that this guy loves the most that s independence.

Virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces. In reality there are countless points of comparison that need to be assessed before making any judgments if indeed a judgment is necessary. Any sun sign can be a virgo s soulmate because soulmate love is a particular kind of love that challenges you to work.

You are an idealistic person and always aim for the best in love. Now those ideals will get even higher because neptune will refine and elevate your entire love life and your social circle. However love is often irrational and astrologically blind when it comes to soulmates.

Because of this it is hard for a relationship to even begin between virgo and either of these signs. A virgo man in love. However based solely on the sun signs taurus capricorn cancer and scorpio are the most compatible and the best love matches for virgo.

We offer sign to sign compatibility interpretations assuming readers know that the comparisons attempt to show both the negative and positive sides of only one point of comparison. It doesn t mean sagittariuses don t make wonderful long term partners but they do desire a measure of independence and flexibility that will ruffle the virgo s appetite for order and precision.