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Sure i may fall into the nice guy category but that just seems harsh. I don t stick by my phone and wait for him i keep myself busy but hours and hours no reply so i would check his twitter and he would be tweeting up a storm.

What He S Thinking When He Ignores You 4 Ways To Respond When He

I can see that you re online on facebook or whatsapp right now but you still haven t read the text i sent you hours ago or worse you have.

Boyfriend ignores my texts but goes on facebook. My boyfriend has been perposly ignoring me for 8 days now he is only my second boyfriend so i dont know what to do because we text on snapchat and i can see when he opens the texts so i dont know what to do im only in 7th grade so let me know what to do pleas because im stuck. Honestly if he doesn t answer multiple texts in a row what kind of boyfriend is that. It just makes you look crazy and he s clearly not interested.

Ignoring my text while being online would be like a guy turning his back on me when i approach him in. That s beyond fucking dumb how hard is it to just text somebody back when you have the phone right infront of you. On social media but you can t text me back.

Guys who ignore my texts even though they re online make me insane. How is it that you can post pictures of yourself on instagram and facebook but can t reply to a simple fucking text message. If this becomes a pattern you might consider talking to him about it and letting him know how you feel.

You re hoping one of these methods will get an answer but don t bother wasting your time trying to chase him down. Lately my bf becoming the worst texter. Something i would never do but maybe its a common occurrence and i don t know about it.

He would text me the morning he wakes up and i ll reply but he won t text after that most of the time. 1 month ago he dumped me saying that leave him alone and after that i didn t text him but text him after 2 days i texted him but he quickly replied to me i don t understand what to do should i give some time to think. In most cases he s probably just distracted or doesn t feel like replying.

You used to rely on texting him but now you re sending him messages on facebook or perhaps you ve emailed him. But he text me sometimes and when i says that i love him he also reply love you too why doesn t he dump me forever. If your boyfriend isn t responding to your texts but is still active on social media it s okay to be concerned.