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Love to both god and man is fundamental to true religion whether as expressed in the old testament or the new testament. There is the aspect of love for persons who are not attractive or virtuous or productive.

35 Bible Verses About Love Bible Verse Images

Jesus himself declared that all the law and the prophets hang upon love matthew 22 40.

Definition of true love in the bible. Luv ahebh ahabhah noun. But there is another aspect of interpersonal love that is very important in the bible. What makes this intense emotion truly unconditional.

With different variations of the definition of love in our world today here s what the bible says about love and what it means for christians. Love in the form of eros seeks its own interest and satisfaction to possess the object of love. God is very clear in the bible that eros love is reserved for marriage.

Most often love is confused with infatuation that elated high feeling we get when we fall in love. True love has a gentle caring and compassionate heart. Agape or agapi is the greek word used to describe one of the most prominent themes in the bible.

The bible is full of passages about love and it s one of the. In the new testament the word love is recorded the most in the book of 1john thirty three times followed by the gospel of john twenty two times. Paul warned young believers against succumbing to.

What is love according to the bible. Love towards persons is more complex. Promiscuity of all types was rampant in ancient greek culture and was one of the obstacles the apostle paul had to battle when planting churches in the eastern mediterranean.

The english word love can be found 311 times in the king james bible. The true meaning of love as defined in the bible has been corrupted in the common usage of our english language and society. True love can tolerate pain or suffering without complaining or getting angry.

In the old testament the song of solomon song of songs refers to it twenty six times while the book of psalms references it twenty three. People spend years searching for the meaning of true love but very few turn to the bible to learn what it has to say about it. If you want to know and understand what true love really is here are 21 signs qualities or characteristics of a genuine love according to the verses in the holy bible.

As with things loving persons may mean simply enjoying them and taking pleasure in their personalities looks achievements etc.