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It is a very challenging combination and not the easiest one for a couple to master however fire and water also make steam so it can be a very hot combination with a lot of passion imagination emotional intensity and creativity combined. The element that opposes your astrological sign is more likely to be a better match.

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This combination can either be very good or very bad.

Fire and water sign compatibility. Earth and water encourage and shape each other. As you can imagine fire and water zodiac signs compatibility is difficult because water puts out fire and fire makes water boil. Air and earth may also irritate one another.

This means that when they re making a decision they will most often go with their heart or gut feeling rather than logical facts. While the ones born under the fire element are passionate the water ones are very emotional. Home astrology love compatibility with astrology elements.

Water soothes and replenishes the earth and earth channels the water. Fire and water work against each other s cause. Fire and water people can be very different from one another.

The degree of compatibility between two zodiac signs is determined by three substantial factors. The compatibility between the two suggests they are good for each other and their well being may improve in each other s company. Love compatibility between a fire and a water sign this love is built on good friendship not only passion and can last quite some time.

Fire is also ruled by emotions and doesn t want to deal with logic that much while air is more a sign of the mind trusting logic and being the opposite of fire. When the fire is being too temperamental the air may try a lot to impose logic which can make the fire go crazy and no longer open to any discussion until things are calm. The applicable element is a symbol of your personality.

Air and water may irritate one another. Fire and water signs while they sound tremendously different are alike in the respect that they are both driven more by emotion than logic. Fire and air are compatible.

These two signs must be careful when interacting water can put out fire but if the fire is large enough it can dry up water completely. Fire earth air and water as each one is associated with one of the 12 astrological signs. Astrology july 14.

Water can provide sensitivity and patience to his fiery counterpart whereas fire can provide motivation and the courage to act that the water sign usually lacks. Zodiac signs and similarities. It doesn t mean they can t or don t use logic only that when they have to choose between logic and emotion that the latter.

This can be a very creative combination that makes a great team.