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Ask someone to say i eat mop who ten times fast. Here is a fun word that most people know.

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Say alpha kenny body ten times slowly.

Funny sentences to say. You will say to yourself who on earth would say such things with our featured funny phrases and stupid sentences and how did this come to be with the hilarious mistranslations. But really how many pancakes does it take to get to the moon. Funny phrases and sentences.

The 19 funniest expressions in italian and how to use them photo. You can stop driving me crazy i can walk from here. Funny sentences sentences list database of funny funny sentences.

It is quite fun to grab your umbrella and say in a fun voice i think i need my bumbershoot today 11. Let s not look at grammar as a cold harsh mistress. If you have no idea what i m talking about then you need to read and listen to today s lesson on 40 funny sounding words in english.

Mostly because you can. Say the following out loud. Find a cool funny sentence.

Read to learn all about funny things to say to people randomly. Tell someone to spell i hop and then say ness 13. We thank you for thanking us for thanking you for participation in this test.

Silence is golden unless you have kids then silence is just plain suspicious. The results say that thanking the results for the information they got will get a result of a result that will say the same thing. I do like this i really do.

I 1 2 6 12. Ask anyone to say eye and then spell map and then say ness 14. 228 hilarious funny sayings.

The origin of this word is unknown but it first surfaced around 1868. I had an extremely busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. This is referring to an umbrella and is something we have heard in many a disney film or in many different books.

She can also be a fun kooky aunt. Say ice bank mice elf ten times fast. Italians don t say well cooked they say cooked to the small point cotto a puntino.

Funny random things to say that will get rid of boredom. Here are some tricks you can do to make crazy sounding sentences that are still grammatical. There isn t any specific description for random things you can say because they simply are random.

Do you know what a doodle a fuddy duddy and shenanigans are. Italians don t say it rains cats and dogs they say it rains from washbasins piovere a catinelle.