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Ladies if you do weird ass sh t when you re home alone you re not alone. 44 secret gross things that all girls do but don t talk about.

So Truee And How Different From Stupid Poses That Girls Do Funny

Getting sucked into and facing the irresistible wrath read more 20 weird things that all women do.

Funny things girls do. Us girls like our friends to think that we re perfect human beings who have no flaws whatsoever. Vines best fun 3 075 713 views. That race to quickly put a tampon in after a shower so you don t drip blood on the floor.

Feeling unexpected moisture and being unsure whether it s just random wetness or the joyous commencement of a period. Funny videos 2018 people doing stupid things p42 duration. 31 slightly weird things all girls do in the bathroom but don t talk about.

There are many gross things that we all get up to in our private time and we re sure if. I ve polled 19 women to prove it. Yes we may let them in on the odd secret or two but only if we think it ll be seen as cute or funny.

That being said there are definitely some things we all have in common with each other so read through this list of 15 things a typical teenage girl does and see if they ring true for you. Having hair make a mess all over the shower and debating handling it immediately or letting it go down the drain leading to an inevitable clogging. Don t lie to yourself gals.

17 gross things all girls do but wouldn t ever admit. By bianca m 23 nov 2017 let s face it girls are no precious butterflies especially when they re alone. Discover unique things to do places to eat and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with bring me.

Put all the random ingredients you have in your cupboards together and bake it. Best funny videos 2019 cute girls doing funny things p4 duration. Every girl is different and has their own interests.

If you think you re a total weirdo when home alone you re going to feel a lot better. Needless to say there are many other things girls do that we re not always so quick to boast about.