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Taurus men and gemini women retain compatibility because he is laid back and unrestrictive toward her needs and she has no desire to force the bull from his comfort zones. They should not bury their heads in the sand or ignore their differences.

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Taurus man gemini woman compatibility pros.

Gemini woman taurus man. He will provide her with some needed stability in her hectic life. Taurus man is dependable attached to his opinions. She in turn is attracted to his thoughtfulness and to his romantic demeanor.

Both of them will have very different parenting styles and this could be confusing to their children unless they work hard to maintain a united front particularly when it comes to discipline. You can make this work. Gemini women need excitement and great conversation but simply demand the bulk of it from their friends and not their mates.

Taurus man gemini woman. If a taurus man and gemini woman have children they will have to talk a lot about how they want to raise their children. Long term relationship and marriage prospects.

I m gemini woman was married to gemini man for 24 years i divorced him becouse for his gambling and other women i m now dateing taurus man and oh my gowd he is wonderful in just one weekend we fly from lunch in belfast to dinner in london and next day breakfast in paris i m just sooo in love with this guys how could i get fed up with this man he made and makes all my dreams come true. The way forward for taurus man and gemini woman. The gemini woman in love possesses a brilliant intelligence that the taurus man finds irresistible and their conversations will run the gamut on a myriad of topics.

Both the taurus man and the gemini woman are quite sensitive. So committed the taurus man will often be annoyed by the fact that his gemini woman is so fly and doesn t pay too much attention to what is happening to them as a couple. The gemini woman will be drawn to the taurus man for his strength and reliability although she may find him dull and uninteresting in the long term.

Nature of bonding there is a special bond that needs to be formed between the earthy taurus man and the airy gemini woman to get along well and when they do their relation becomes as steady as a hard rock such is the compatibility of the taurus man and gemini woman. It can be said the gemini woman and the taurus man have weak chances of making it as a couple in the long run. Taurus man and gemini woman.

Taurus man and gemini woman can find one another intriguing due to their completely different temperaments. For the taurus man the gemini woman is initially very attractive. And the gemini female will show the taurus adventure and bring color to his dull world.

Are gemini woman and taurus man a good match. Her creativity is intriguing to his curious mind and she may help to bring him out of his comfort zone. It s possible to sustain the taurus man and gemini woman compatibility.

As such they can share much affection if they both work at it. She is sociable gregarious charming and flirtatious and this appeals very much to every manly instinct the bull has. Gemini woman and taurus man relationship pros.

For taurus man gemini woman compatibility however there needs to be a.