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You can never be sure that your relationship is. Maintaining a healthy relationship takes a lot of conscious commitment awareness care communication skills time and effort.

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Just Got Out Of A Toxic Relationship

I was involved with a man who saw my worth and wanted to have me but just wasn t ready for me.

Getting over a toxic relationship. But be kind with yourself there s a reason. It wasn t until after my last relationship was over that i realized it was a toxic one. If you are experiencing a toxic relationship then you likely move in and out of a state of denial about how unhealthy it truly is.

And even when you establish a highly functional relationship with your partner there is a chance that your love will encounter challenges including a once happy relationship turning into a toxic relationship. Admit that the relationship is toxic. Yes getting out of and over a deeply unhealthy relationship can feel like the longest stretch of time ever even if you don t love your ex anymore.

Just as breaking out of a toxic relationship is difficult surviving once you re in a new single world is hard too and you should prepare for the challenges leaving will bring.