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Spend a lot of time around the guy. Again this is highly unlikely but still a nice thought.


When you like someone you naturally want to be closer to him.

How guys like to be hugged. If the girl were taller than i which is highly unlikely with me being at 5 11 i would like to be hugged in such a manner with my head on her chest and her head on mine and her arms around my back. If it s your boyfriend hug him either neck or waist tight. Girls and guys can answer.

I know this is a really weird question but i want to know. How to romantically hug a guy. To answer the second question there are two things you can do which will help him figure out you like him.

So guys if you know where you like girls to put their hands or girls who know what their guy likes. Most guys don t like being hugged behind because they don t know how to react i e. How to hug you back.

But when we get a hug from a guy we like that s something else. A hug can show us how much we matter to them. Unfortunately liking someone can also make you feel self conscious about every little thing and make it easy to get flustered about little.

I know exactly how i like to be hugged hands right around the waist almost on my butt yes i judge how guys hug me so i want to be able to give hugs to guys that feel good. Guys are usually not good with expressing their emotions so hugs are their thing. If you re friends with the guy hug him like you normally hug a friend but keep it loose.

Other things even more subtle that others are mentioning length of hug tightness etc i can almost assure you that a guy will not notice. They can show you if you have a connection with the guy you like or he just considers you as a friend. Hugs show love and affection.

If it s someone you ve been seeing hug him around the neck slightly loose. Keep in close contact.