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A christian husband s love is gentle. Husbands and future husbands have a wonderful blessing and a great responsibility.

Put Your Husband First In Your Christian Marriage 12 Ways

That s not the kind of reputation i want to have in the community.

How to be a christian husband. Several books address the husband s role particularly ephesians i corinthians song of solomon and malachi. First corinthians 13 4 5 reminds us that love is never harsh. A christian husband should be intimately aware of his wife s needs her strengths and weaknesses and her goals and desires.

The husband should bear the primary responsibility for the financial needs of the home. Jesus is gentle with the church and is the example of how a husband must be gentle with his wife. Most christian men in our circles embrace the biblical truth that they are to lead their families in christ.

The best advice on how to be a good christian husband can be found in the bible god s marriage manual. The christian husband is expected to be willing to give everything including his lifeblood if necessary for the benefit and welfare of his wife. In fact 1 timothy 5 8 says if a man fails to provide for his household he is worse than a pagan.

God s plan is that the husband and wife become one mark 10 8 so what the husband has belongs to the wife. How to be a good husband. There is no better source of information for men and women than the originator of holy matrimony our heavenly father.

Though most embrace this reality and are convinced of its necessity it is equally true that most of us are not quite sure how to do this as too few of us grew up in christian homes with strong and godly christian fathers.