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Robert huizenga has done some research on confronting the other person and he concludes that yes sometimes it can be good to confront and other times not so good. What exactly are you planning to achieve by confronting her.

After An Affair Should You Confront The Other Woman Or Man

I work all the time with couples that have been rocked by the affects of cheating being discovered.

How to confront the other woman. Showing your feelings can give her power over you which she may wield to hurt and. But i read your first book and i have experienced much of the same that you had with your first husband. Otherwise you don t confront the other woman you confront the person who broke their promises to you.

On the other side of the coin many victims commented that they saw no need to confront the other person as they felt it would do them no good both personally and in their relationships. Some times partners ask me about confronting the other woman beforehand but a lot of times i hear about it only after they ve already done it. Problem is there would have been it just would have been a different other person.

Blaming the other man or other woman keeps us from having to take responsibility for the problems in the marriage and our own feelings so we like to pretend that if it hadn t been for that other person there would have never been an affair. Should i confront the other woman or man. I was with my fiance for five years.

It s also probably in your best interest to leave the other woman out of it. Hi i m not sure if you ll get this. The answer is nothing even if you do confront her and inform.

Should i confront the other woman. Now let me answer these one by one. Will it make you feel better.

It some ways it s a natural self protective response. Her husband didn t have any choice but to surrender her mobile phone to her so that she can materialize her plan to confront the mistress without the mistress knowing that it was the legal wife who will meet her. Contacting her directly only makes her feel like she s a bigger part of your husband s life and your relationship.

It can draw a cheating spouse and the other person closer together. Confronting the other woman in a professional way. Most women whose spouse has cheated want to confront the other woman.

Raising our 4 year old children from previous relationships together. We had a brady bunch family together it was truly a lovely dynamic. What will you achieve.

Confronting the other woman while you are angry hurt or irritated will not necessarily improve the situation. What purpose will it solve. The other woman didn t make any promises or vows to the wife.

Should i confront her or leave it be and let things die down with him to see what he will. Talking to the other person can cut both ways sometimes it drives a wedge between a cheating spouse and his or her lover. Now it s different if the other woman is family or a friend then yea they deserve to be told about themselves.