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It may seem simple but the first and perhaps most influential skill of emotional mastery is the mere willingness to tune into your feelings. Acknowledge what you re feeling and start working through it.

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Sometimes you might need to change the way you are thinking about the situation.

How to control your feelings. You will learn how to use your emotions as fuel for your thoughts and actions instead of letting them control your mind. Sometimes you can try your best to control your emotions and still feel overwhelmed by them. You will start distinguishing the nuances of how different emotions affect the very way your mind works and eventually discover their deeper cause sometimes this will surface as old childhood memories or a whole new range of more subtle interesting emotions.

Working with a licensed mental health professional can help you discover unhelpful emotional responses and learn new healthy ways to process your feelings. So if you are feeling bad you most likely have a negative thought that is making you feel that way. Do you have any other tips on self control or how to control your emotions.

Wellness how to control your emotions so your emotions don t control you sharpening your emotional regulation skills will make you mentally stronger. A constant reminder of our ardent nature emotions surge through us at every second of the day. With this image in your mind think of a phrase and repeat it over and over to help calm you such as.

But they can be evaded. You see your thoughts lead directly to your feelings. If you find it hard to control your feelings around someone you like try to distract yourself by picturing a time in the past when you felt safe and protected.

Once you have discovered why what can you do to take back control. 5 ways to get your unwanted emotions under control anger disappointment and resentment can t be erased. Everything s going to be okay or i feel calm.

As you forgive you will find yourself disassociating from the harsh feelings attached to your being. Posted feb 07 2015. But we often take wrong actions when wrong feelings filter through our mind without restraint.

Emotions can rule your life or you can learn to work alongside them towards a healthier better balanced future.