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For more than two decades aane staff have learned about the talents and struggles of adults with asperger profiles. They readily understand when a statement such as it s raining cats and dogs is being used as a figure of speak and not as a literal statement.

Asperger S Disorder And Failure To Launch Syndrome In Young Adults

How to live with asperger s syndrome.

How to deal with asperger adults. Asperger syndrome is a nebulously defined category of autism. They do not tend to have specific weaknesses in their understanding and use of language. Although there is no total cure for this disorder you can help them cope up with this developmental disorder and live at least a normal life.

There is a big difference in how adults with adhd use language compared to adults with asperger s. Asperger syndrome in adults may be hard for the sufferers and can be a challenge for the people around them as well. However there is a great deal of misinterpretation surrounding the symptom.

A symptom of asperger s in adults that most people are familiar with is a lack of empathy. People who live with asperger s may be called aspies or aspergians and they are sometimes labeled as geeks dorks or nerds. With all that in mind common broad symptoms of aspergers in adults include.

As we saw in coping with an adult with asperger s 1 dealing with a person with this condition can be extremely difficult at times particularly when the person has yet to be diagnosed with the disorder. When diagnosis of the adult asperger occurs it is often as a result of a child or grandchild being assessed with the disorder. Working closely and talking extensively with adults with asperger s ranging in age from 18 to 83 along with their parents relatives and spouses we have together explored successful strategies for addressing the challenges of autism spectrum.