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Is he a gentleman. When you first start dating a guy you need to get past the front that he s putting on to impress you and get down to what he s really going to be like in six months or a years time.

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The only thing a true gentleman would conceal is a surprise for you.

How to find a gentleman. He has nothing to hide because he s authentic and real. You can look classy and act classy but if you say something out of the line you will totally screw the pooch. 10 tips to help you find out is your man a true gent or is he just a jerk.

His words are constructive rather than destructive. A gentleman honors others in his speech. According to my years of guy experiences ranging from just talking to dating i ve discovered two reasons why it s hard to find a real gentleman.

You can identify a gentleman 1. How to be a gentleman. You won t find him taking part in the rumor mill.

He is always in control. You ve found a true gentleman if he is true to himself you and anyone that he s just met. A gentleman is a master at communicating with others.

Lying just isn t in his character. He knows when to say what to say and how to say. In general a gentleman doesn t cuss but there s more to the power of the tongue than refraining from vulgar words.

He takes impeccable care of his appearance is polite to everyone who. A true gentleman is respectful to everyone in his orbit from women he d like to date to elderly people who need help with their groceries. Men pretend to be a gentleman for one.

I can t put all the blame on women for not recognizing a gentleman right away because there are so many men out there that aren t real gentlemen.