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This article is part three of the series written after the two articles how to make my husband love me more and how can i love my husband again. For example if he s passionate about playing the guitar ask him what the first songs he learned were and why he decided to start playing.

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No longer do you have to worry if your love interest has the same feelings as yo.

How to make him love me more. How to make him love you more. As a woman we always want the men in our lives to love and appreciate us for exactly who we are despite our flaws and sometimes crazy ways. You may think falling in love is something that just happens but the truth is there s actually a science behind love.

You can t ever really make a man love you more but you can certainly do or not do a few to keep him happy as can be. 12 psychological tricks to make him fall in love with you. Do you want to make your man love you more.

To make your boyfriend love you more try to understand him better by asking questions about his life and having deeper conversations together. I want to be the person he speaks to first thing when he wakes up and last before he sleeps. I love him but because he seldom engage into a conversation in person i ve asked a friend to tell him how i feel about him.

Cosmopolitan relationship experts understand there is a science behind relationship and falling in love. Get away from work and all the stress of everyday life and book a romantic break away for two. Wanting more attention from your boyfriend isn t about being an attention seeker being high maintenance or having high expectations.

Knowing the theories behind love will give you an advantage on the guy front. I m not clingy though i miss him once in a while. How to make him love me more.

I love a guy i have seen him 3years ago i told him that i love him through texts but he did nt responded after so many texts he told me that he is completely not intersted i was heartbroken at that time after that i tried so much to impress him through my talents and my confidence eventually i started noticed him staring at me whatever i did in the class he noticed i think he was. That s your golden ticket to make him miss you. Make him feel like the king of the world.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped in the mundane everyday tasks that you forget to make time for each other so make that time happen and go away for a weekend in the country somewhere where you won t be disturbed. Next tip on how to make him love you more is this. In this article i will continue talking about the psychological findings that were discovered that can help you make someone love you more.

When you actively engage in ways to trigger the sexual and romantic interest of your partner you are actually doing him a favour by helping him to rediscover all the little things about you that made him fall in love in the first place.