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Chasing after him won t work. If you texted her over and over and she only answered once then you are texting her too much.

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I really like him now also and i know i text people too much in general but he started ignoring my texts and then the last one he sent told me i was starting.

I texted him too much how do i fix it. We hung out a few times and talked then i messed up i texted him too much. Although i think the text back rule is stupid i mean what if you saw something super funny and wanted to share. Especially at the start of a relationship.

I realized i did it and so didn t text him at all the next day. Texting too often can scare him away but figuring out where to draw that line can be tricky. The other day he finally texted saying i was just too crazy for him.

Sigh then came to apology texts and then the trying to explain what happened. Do what you do with your friends and reply when you have the time. Allow him to initiate the contact.

We re always saying that it s perfectly fine for girls to make the first move to text a guy first ask him out or go in for a kiss and it totally is. You can t assume to know the reasons why a guy is acting differently towards you but there are ways to check with him to ascertain if it s something within your control to change. If you find that the guy you like suddenly decreases the number and promptness of his responses it s possible that your enthusiasm is too much too soon.

If you text out of control and she only intermittently answers then you text her way too much. Then his friend got on his phone and texted some really mean things pretending to be him and i went off telling him just how much of an ass he was. Then today i sent him a message with some info about a job he wanted.

Then i stuck my foot in my mouth again by saying sorry about the other day i know i probably came off crazy. Voice is so much more personal. For example if you normally turn off your phone at school don t leave it on just in case you hear from him.

I ve known this guy for a couple of years and i ve recently started working for him so we ve been getting to know eachother more. It just got worse. He started texting me saying that he really liked me and was texting me quite a bit for a couple of days.

But that doesn t you should just text him every time you feel like it no matter the time of day. How to give him space and make him miss you and come back if your man is acting distant and you want him to come back to you i will be frank. The best thing to do is to give him the space he s looking for so that he can solve whatever s bothering him and get back to normal.

Guys love to do the chasing and when a woman sends frequent text messages it can be irritating for the guy as he feels like she is checking up on him or that it may be a sign that she will be needy in the future.