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Meaning translation and how to say i love you too in hausa igbo pidgin yoruba english nigerian dictionary. In the early 1960s lichtenstein produced several fantasy drama paintings of women in love affairs with domineering men causing women to be miserable such as drowning girl hopeless and in the car.

Ilu2 What Does Ilu2 Mean

Telling someone you love them is an important part of any relationship and it s common to reply with i love you too but you might want to rethink that reply because adding that extra word to.

Love you too meaning. The song was written and sung by george harrison and features indian instrumentation such as sitar and tabla following harrison s introduction of the sitar on norwegian wood in 1965 it was the first beatles song to fully reflect the influence of indian classical music. Love you to is a song by the english rock band the beatles from their 1966 album revolver. Something a toddler says to her dad when she is too hyper to wait for an i love you she exclaims it before hearing an i love you it simply means i love you.

Means that you love the person but you don t really have the very much feeling for that person doesn t mean the same thing as i love you. What you say as a comeback when someone either someone says something mean to you or they say i hate you.