Relationship Expert

He knows many things and he is an expert in several fields perhaps. He smiles but does not tell a word.

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Mars scorpio has an instinct for the energy of others and what s unseen like hidden desires.

Mars in scorpio man. Here s a nice description about mars in scorpio. It s nigh impossible to trick a mars scorpio and if you did you d be called out on it pronto. What was your venus and how did that mesh with their scorpio mars.

Some women may appreciate him for being so protective and domineering. He likes to be stimulated both physically and emotionally but he won t express his feelings towards his lover when out in the world although he will definitely be exciting and open in private. Mars rules our sexuality in a deep level and scorpio is all about carnal sexuality.

Surprisingly they have small d cks and finish qui originally posted in the astrology forum. The mars in scorpio man is possessive and jealous. Nothing is off bounds or off limits.

It s hard to guess what s on his mind but when it comes to love there is no much guessing he ll make sure you know that he s into you. It s not a pride thing like with mars in leo men. When you lock eyes with a mars in scorpio man or woman you can feel their sexuality and this is one of their greatest gifts when channeled positively.

In the romantic arena these men can be tender but come across as fearless commanding and emotionally intense. Men with mars in scorpio have a competitive spirit are often highly creative and have an animal magnetism. How they pursued you how they treated you etc.

You can get obsessive and hold on to others in a mysterious way that s borderline vampiric. This combination will make the desire in full bloom. Man with mars in scorpio is versatile and talented.

They have an allure that is mysterious seductive and tinged with danger. Mars scorpio man is an extremely resourceful personality capable of taking care for himself. Whoever has mars in scorpio will carry a strong power of seduction wherever they pass as if they were a magnet attracting everyone.

They are out for blood and blood only. Men with mars in scorpio may appear mysterious and confident. They can play really dirty too.

To my mars in scorpio men and women thank you for helping me open my channel and for showing me both heaven and hell. Mars scorpio man leaves an impression of a charismatic artist or explorer a citizen of the world. A man with mars in scorpio is passionate and relates to a woman in a strong willed and sometimes obsessive manner.

What are your experiences with mars in scorpio men inside and outside the bedroom. If you have a scorpio mars tell me about it. If you think it hurts when a sun in scorpio comes back for their revenge you will not at all be prepared for what a mars in scorpio man has to bring.

The notion of using sex as a means to gain power over another person comes easily to these lovers. Mars in scorpio is the most aggressive scorpio position possible. Mars in scorpio lovers often exert a strong sexual presence.

Power also plays a role in this attraction. It s not just his confidence speaking it s actually the survival mode he gets into whenever he has to take action eat or be eaten.