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If your husband is texting a female co worker whether she is an ex of your husband or just a colleague from work appears innocent enough but how can you know for sure if it is actually innocent and harmless. These are the signs your spouse is having a texting affair.

Caught My Husband Texting Another Woman Don T Know If I Can

Even if she is trying to pursue him he might not realize.

My husband is texting another woman. So your husband talks to another woman and it hurts you but he doesn t see why it does. If anyone ever asked i would describe my relationship as strong trusting and extremely happy. Your husband might just be responding to a woman that is constantly texting him.

My husband is texting another woman. That happened to us i saw the texts on our cell phone bill so i called the number and she answered however i spammed my number to be my husband s and when she answered the phone i hung up. What do i do every monday i try to answer a reader question.

My friend told me that she caught her husband texting another woman from his cell phone. In the beginning they limited texts to strictly pick up times and where they were meeting. He could be completely innocent in the act of speaking to another woman.

I know many of you have caught your husband on facebook with another woman or texting another woman and your whole world is thrown up in the air. 127 texts between them in one month. She confronted her husband with this and he said that it was nothing and that they only texted about six times.

This is the first time in the 20 years that i have known him where i have been at a loss for words. My husband still talks to his ex girlfriend. I m in a sticky situation with my husband.

Then she texted him and he back to her and i a. By talking i don t mean a normal or passing conversation but a closer relationship that rattles the woman in the marriage relationship. My husband and i have been married for a long time.

How would you know if unwelcome emotions of denied attraction are cooking on either side. He is carpooling with another woman my age he s 41 i m 30 whom i think is attractive and whom he describes as extremely nice. Nobody wants to be that wife or that husband.

A woman is constantly trying to text him. Yet nowadays there s another category that we can loosely call the texting. A lot of wives reach out to me asking what they might be doing wrong because their husbands are talking to other women and they think it s okay.

Sometimes the questions i get are really hard ones and today s is an example. They even sent pictures of themselves to each other.