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My story is a little different my mom past away five month after my husband left. You will never be the same.

My Husband Left Me For Another Woman But Now Wants Me Back

Your heart is broken.

My husband left me. After we split up we continued seeing each other for a couple of months but then he ended it again and i discovered he d actually met someone else. You are searching for ways to cope when your husband leaves you for someone else. My husband left me after i made him a millionaire mary miriti tuko talks tuko tv mary meriti fell in love with the man of her dreams moved in with him in her own house borrowed a loan.

But even though this may be the lowest point of your whole life you are here. I managed as best as i could. Turns out it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Then he move to his own apt. Hearing everyone else blame her for her husband leaving her samantha stops them in the mid of their sentences because finally she has understood that it wasn t her fault that her husband left her for another woman. I tried to do new things and make new friends.

But after six month from when he left. He refused to communicate until child support services contacted him. After fourteen years of marriage i m completely devastated.

It was really bad for me because it was when i most needed him. Saying even just thinking my husband left me for another woman is heartbreaking. How i survived after my husband left me when i found out my marriage was over i thought my life was over too.

Now he is saying that i am trying to destroy him. You ve been betrayed and lied to. I cant talk bad about him because he pays my rent car etc and he still sleeps with me it has pass 3 years.

My husband had problems and left the relationship some years ago and then came back after 2 weeks then 4 years later again for 3 months then 4 years later kept threatening to leave again so instead of waiting for him to walk i decided to tell him to go he spent 1 whole year sleeping in the spare room and never talked and would not eat with me or even be in the same room at anytime when i. He started coming back to the house be with the kids and sleep over. When asked she tells people my husband left me but not for another woman.

My husband left me back in june saying he loved me but wasn t in love with me. My husband left me after 20 years with our 4 year old daughter.