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My husband is a prove it type of man. But somewhere deep down even you know how much he means.

3 Reasons To Pray For Your Enemies Ex Husbands

By brittany i had to make a very hard decision that cost me my husband he s the love of my life nothings been the same since please pray for me to get a chance to talk to him and fix our relationship.

Prayer for ex husband. I pray for my husband daily and pray for my ex husband almost as often. Return to prayer for relationship and prayer request. My issue both were christians he had a dominating personality like his morher.

5 reasons to pray for your ex husband. I pray for him anyway. Co parenting can have a lot of challenges especially when two people don t get along or see eye to eye.

I have found prayer to be a great weapon for this. I love him a lot. Prayer for ex husband.

He won t believe in god or any other higher power until jesus comes down and tells him about it himself which is fine. I too wish you a re united with your ex husband. If you are listening to me you know the pain i am going through.

Praying over situations and for my ex has helped me be more understanding and patient. I was married for 15 5 years with 2 children 13 and 9 and was seperated from nov. I lost him due to my short temper and my big ego and he also behaved badly in the end.

Inlaws would visit they were salvation army low level ministers but they caused issues too i could never do anything right just because i did not have a college degree made me worthless as years in marriage went on. Prayer to get back with your ex husband. Dear god i am still in love with my ex husband.

2010 until march 2012 when divorce was finalized. Now i never was unfaithful to her and don think she was to me either but i was not honest about things and had other issues. You know the number of times i have cried and my current situation.