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Please work in our hearts our minds and our spirits that we might rediscover our love for each other. Come rekindle that which has been lost and ignite new passion and admiration between us.

Prayer For Husband To Come Back Home Prayer For My Husband To

It s been 2 years now lord sice he left me for his then mistress now his girlfriend.

Prayer for husband to love me again. Dear father i am so sad that the love between us has faded. Bring us close again give us both wisdom and the ability to love each other through your heart and to see each other through your eyes. I pray today that the love we share in this marriage should keep flourishing and no evil in form of human being should come our way.

After 10 years i started feeling alone he was ignoring me and the romance left. It would be like two strangers who are attracted to each other and wanting to explore more. I have been praying for my husband to come back to me for so long he s in.

My prayer is for my husband to love me once again. May our marriage keep flourishing to the goodness of god now and forever. Prayer for my husband to love me again lord on this day my husbands birthday i think about the life we have built and the many birthdays we have spent together.

Dear lord i thank you for this marriage and bringing both of us together thank you dear god for blessings us with our child my husband of 27 years has begun to cheat on me on line all these years i have been a humble patient and a faithful wife he does not understand the pain i am going through because of his behaviour he say he loves me but how can. Prayer for husband to love me again 1. My marriage is in your hand oh lord.

Short prayer for my husband to love me. Please forgive me lord for my shortcomings that may have caused him to love me any less and reveal to him the joy of being my husband. Please help me show me the way to get my husband to understand how bad he has hurt me.

He is with another woman. I love him want him. You can have the most romantic and happy relationship with your husband if you use the prayers for my husband to love me again on him.

Help me to change and convict me of things i need to change. The prayer for my husband to love me again helps you in getting close to your husband once again. He comes but he doesn t stay.

Prayer for husband to fall in love again my husband says that he loves me but does not think he is in love with me any longer he says he believes he was clinging to feelings of nostalgia of memories of what we had and what he wants to still have. We met in high school at the age of 14 through the years we have been through so much at age 19 we got pregnant and we got married at city hall and the love was still there. Please i need people to pray with me my husband wants a divorce i thought it was what i wanted too but i have given my heart to god again and his holy spirit fell on me i want more than ever to save my marriage and for my husband to want the same i love him so much and i just want him to love me again too i want god to bind his addiction to pornography which was the final ruin of our marriage.

Prayer for husband to be faithful to me.