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What is the bridal shower question card game. The bridal shower question card game is a game used at bridal showers where you ask the groom a series of approximately 20 30 questions before the shower and then ask the bride those same questions during the shower and see if she can come up with the same answers the groom did.

Bridal Shower Games Questions To Ask The Groom With Images

Have the groom to be answer the bachelorette party questions below before you all drive or jet set to your last fling before the ring getaway.

Questions to ask groom for bridal shower. Not to be a prude or anything even if you were not the person who came up with this idea i think you should run it by the bride s mom first. 2 each person is asked to write down two questions that they think the bride may not remember about the groom. More newlywed game questions for bridal shower.

Did the groom have any pets growing up. This is a great game to get to learn more about the couple that s. What high school did the groom attend.

She got 10 right. What was the groom s first job. I went to a bridal shower where they played this game but only asked 5 questions and they were easy so the game was pretty boring to watch.

The wedding shoe game is an essential part of the wedding reception ok maybe not essential but it sure is fun. Here s how you play bachelorette jeopardy. Dear weddingbee the bridal shower that the rest of the bridesmaids and i are throwing for our friend won t be big on games but we did want to incorporate one game where we ask the groom a bunch of groom trivia questions pertaining to the bride and their relationship beforehand and see how many answers the bride will get right.

Ask the groom 10 to 20 questions before the bridal shower. 76 wedding thank you wording that are immensely appreciative. Groom trivia questions from the hive.

Each and every question should begin with the word who so that neither of you has to explain your answer though you can totally offer. Questions to ask bride for a naughty nice shower. Directions for playing the bridal shower game ask the groom questions 1 the entire bridal shower contingent at the start of the party is each given a card and pen.

If you re struggling to come up with wedding shoe game questions for yours we re here to guide you. These bachelorette jeopardy questions are guaranteed to kick start any pre wedding weekend trust us. During the shower give the bride a list of the same questions to answer the way she believes her betrothed answered.

Bridal shower games such as how well do you know the bride groom help break the ice reveal new things about the couple and typically results in laughter. See end of post for list of suggestions make sure to use quite a few you can always stop asking them if she seems to have reached her limit. Before the bachelorette part we asked the groom all of these questions then the bride had to guess what he answered.

If the bride s and grooms family or friends will be there this game is just not appropriate but if it is all young girls then have fun. Sep 16 2015 quiz the groom questions. When the groom was little what did he want to be when he grew up.